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Purchase Diflucan

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characteristics by means of which the pure salt, corresponding to the requirements of the 1906 supplement of the G. P., may be distinguished from the commercial salts containing mercuric cyanide as impurity. The latter is easily distinguished by its ready solubility in water, and the con- tent of oxycyanide conveniently determined by titrating the commercial compound in solution containing sodium chloride, with hydrochloric acid, as recommended by Holdermann Purchase Diflucan in the article above referred to. Pharm. Ztg., Hi (1907), No. 95, 994. Mercuric Oxycyanide Probable Superiority as an Antiseptic of the Impure ( Commercial) Salt Ot^er the Pure Salt of the G. P, Supplement, 1906, Referring to a recent stricture concerning the impurity of mercuric oxycyanide supplied by certain manufacturing firms, the firm of E. Merck declare in rejoinder that, conceding this impurity, as demonstrated by Holdermann in 1905, (see Proceedings, 1906, 827), they have continued to supply the impure salt obtained by the older method of preparation, unless the demand is distinctly made for the pure mercuric salt, which they also supply and have listed with the qualification : '' ErganzUngsbuch z. D. A., 1906" (=supplement to the G. P. IV). They explain that this is done on the ground that all the clinical experiments that have demon- strated the antiseptic value, as far as Purchase Diflucan they have been reported in the literature, were made with the mercuric oxycyanide obtained by the older process of manufacture, and because of the Purchase Diflucan doubtful efficiency of the pure oxycyanide. Pharm. Ztg., Hi (1907), No. 96, looi. 18 Digitized by Google 274 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. ALKAUES. Fused Potassium Hydroxide, G. P. Percentage of K OH too High. ^F. Stengel directs attention to the fact that it is practically impossible to pro- duce fused potassium hydroxide containing at least go per cent, KOH in the form of white sticks, as demanded by the G. P., IV. To prepare a potassium hydroxide of such high percentage the preparation must inevit- ably be more or less gray in color, since the silver of the vessel employed for the fusion is attacked and the product is contaminated with silver oxide. A percentage of KOH above 82 to 85 per cent, is impracticable, a fact which has also been noted by E. Merck in his ''PrUfung der chemischen Reagentien auf Purchase Diflucan Reinheit." Pharm. Ztg., liii (1908), No. Purchase Diflucan 47, 468; from Ztschr. d. Oesterr. Ap.-Ver., 1908, No. 21. Alcoholic Potash Preparation, A. Scholl mentions that alcoholic solu- tion of potash prepared by heating caustic potash over a water-bath with alcohol is liable to become too concentrated, and if heated in this condi- tion to 40^ C. the solution turns brown. If powdered potash is shaken up with cold alcohol the greater part of it dissolves, the remainder going into solution on gently warming the mixture for about half an hour. Pharm. Joum., June 6, 1908, 760 ; from Purchase Diflucan Ztschr. f. Unters. d. Nahr. u. Genussm., 75(1908), 343-344. Sodium Purchase Diflucan Precaution in Cutting, D. P. McDonald observes that in cutting sodium (by means of the Gattermann knife) considerable diffi- culty arises from the softening of the metal by the warmth of the hand and by the friction, Purchase Diflucan which makes it very apt to stick to the blade of the knife. This difficulty may be overcome if, from time to time, the lump of sodium is dipped in anhydrous ether for a moment, whereby the metal becomes chilled, and is further cooled by the evaporation of the ether from its surface. The slices may then be dropped into a basin containing the ether, which serves the purpose above mentioned. Chem. News, Feb. 14, 1908, 73. Metallic Sodium Method of Pulverization, C. Matignon, in a paper dealing with the drying of gases, describes a method for reducing metallic sodium to fine powder along with sodium chloride required as a desiccat- ing material. The sodium to be pulverized is placed in a Purchase Diflucan mortar with a neutral salt, which does not react with the metal, and is in a perfectly dry state, such as fused sodium chloride. The two substances are bruised to- gether, preferably in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, or the mortar may be covered with a piece of rubber sheeting, through which a hole has been cut for the pestle ; the elasticity of the rubber permits of free movements of the pestle. Purchase Diflucan There is practically no danger of the sodium taking fire during the process of crushing, but it is necessary that no nitrates or other oxidizing salts should be present. With the much more inflammable alkali metal potassium, care should be taken to have a sufficiently large propor- Digitized by Google SULPHAMMONIUM. 275 tion of the fused sodium chloride present. Pharm. Joum., May 2, 1908, 572; from Bull. Soc. Chim., March 20, 1908, 353. Ammonia Synthesis in Presence of Water, M. Woltereck finds that when mixtures of air and hydrogen are passed over iron sesquioxide am- monia is obtained, the most favorable temperature for the reaction being 300-350** C. Better results are obtained when water vapor and air are passed over heated turf, and sugar carbon can also be employed. Thus small quantities of ammonia are formed during oxidations in presence of water, provided that the temperature does not exceed 700** C. Chem. News, Mar. 6, 1908, 119 ; from Compt. rend., 146 (1908), No. 3. Ammonia Synthesis from its Elements, L^on Brunei and Paul Woog prepared mixtures of nitrogen and hydrogen (i vol. to 3 vols.), and passed them at different temperatures and with different velocities Purchase Diflucan over substances which would be likely to act as catalysers. With finely-divided carbon, obtained by the decomposition of toluene or carbon dioxide by reduced nickel, no ammonia is formed between the temperatures of 170 and 285^ C. But if under the same conditions the nitrogen in the gaseous mixture is replaced by air a certain amount of carbon bums, and the heat disengaged by this reaction leads to the formation of small quantities of ammonia. Chem. News, Dec. 20, 1907, 304 ; from Compt. rend., 14s Related post: Order Requip, Cleocin Clindamycin, Buy Lamisil, Amoxil Online, Order Famvir Online, Propecia Finasteride, Purchase Lexapro Online, Nexium Order, Periactin Online, Where To Buy Nexium Online

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